30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 13: Anime Character you are most similar to

I tried my best in finding that one character whom I think I’m the most similar to. Among thousands of character, I chose one female character that most probably I related much, I’m most familiar of and lastly, someone can tell that she’s like me in real life.  Continue reading


Anime Rant: Things that need to stop in every Sports Anime


I’m an avid fan of sports anime. I enjoy watching those beautifully animated boys sweating and talking about their beloved sports. To be honest, I actually prefer watching sports anime rather than the ones we have in real life. I always feel like I’m part of the main team whose dream is to come to Nationals, have a championship trophy so on so forth.(Oh! And I always cried in the end because they won.) There’s a different kind of excitement and thrill that you can only experience in watching these kinds of anime. However, sports anime also have some terrible and annoying things that I’m particularly disappointed for.  Continue reading

30 Day Anime Challenge Day 12: Saddest Anime Scene

We’re back at Day 12 of the 30 Day Anime Challenge! Today’s feature will be about my gloomiest scenario in an anime series. This scene sometimes makes me question the decision of the director. Why do they have to include that?! Why does it have to happen? Is there any other way? Can we change it?

Tell me why?!!

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Anime Teachings: 10 times Full Metal Alchemist taught me about Life.

I finished watching the original Full Metal Alchemist last week and to be honest, it was a different kind of experience. It was very interesting to watch from all the drama that started from our unlikely siblings.


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30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 11) : Best Mech Anime

Everyone loves robots, giant flying fighting mechanical machines shooting laser blasts and drawing swords fighting in the defense of the humankind against well destruction and devastation. Anime has always been one of the best forms of entertainment and arts that portray our beloved mechanical friends. On that note, Japan recently finished its brand new 19.7 meter Unicorn Gundam in Odaiba! This basically signify how people loves Mecha anime for them to build one of the biggest attractions in the country.

Moving on, this post should be about the eleventh day of my 30 day anime challenge. I’m actually behind in my schedule to finish this one but I think that as long as I can write with at least some motivation and extra inspiration to boost my writing morale then I’m okay with it. Let’s take things slow and enjoy the moment.

Anyway, this mech anime is also my most favorite tv series of all time and you can find my first feature of it in here.



#01 Random Figure Shoot!

Starting today, I’ll post one picture of my shoot with my figures. Most probably it will be different characters day by day.  I have it called as “Anime Figure Shoot Challenge” (lame) For today, I have the aspiring King of Pirates, Monkey D. Luffy for you guys!


I don’t know why WordPress kept on lowering the quality. I’m getting annoyed. 

Thoughts on Hartman’s take on Fairly OddParents Anime short.

Yes, you read that right: Fairly OddParents in Anime version. I watched Cosmo, Wanda and Timmy fight Mr. Crocker in a Dragon Ball inspired anime-ish short. Although it was amazing that Hartman adapted the cartoons into “anime-ish”, it didn’t feel like anime at all. Continue reading